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9-1-1 Wireless Phone Calls in the Wilderness

Posted on : Feb. 23, 2015 Updated on : Feb. 23, 2015 in: Tips .

Who Will I Reach?

  1. You need to know that wireless phone service may not be available in the wilderness.
  2. If service is available, your 9-1-1 call for help will be picked up by the nearest cellular tower in the most direct line of sight to your location. It could be picked up at a county 9-1-1 center, by State Patrol dispatch, or even by the Canadian authorities. Since these call answering centers are all located outside the boundaries of the calling area, they would have no way of knowing from where you are calling unless you tell them.
  3. Be prepared ...

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Signs of long term drug use

Posted on : Feb. 4, 2015 Updated on : Feb. 4, 2015 in: Drug Education .

Here are some signs of long term drug use:

  • Falling grades and lack of investment or interest in previously enjoyed activities.
  • Different circle of friends
  • Abundant, unfocused energy
  • Verbal and physical violent rages
  • Weight loss and tooth decay
  • Inability to sleep: dark circles around the eyes
  • Depression and apathy
  • Irritability and aggression
  •  Increased blood pressure and heart rate
  • Skin ulcerations and infections
  • Unusual "chemical" smell on clothes and body

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Subtle signs of drug use

Posted on : Feb. 4, 2015 Updated on : Feb. 4, 2015 in: Drug Education .

Here are some subtle signs to look for that may indicate drug use:

  • Grades that have gone UP!
  • Endless energy and ability to exist on minimal sleep for a number of days followed by "crashing" that requires long periods of sleep.
  • Self applied pressure for absolute perfection
  • Loss of appetite and weight loss
  • Erratic mood swings and overreaction to normal stimulus
  • Restlessness and irritability
  • Panic attacks
  • Excessive perspiration
  • Blood shot eyes, flushed face and dilated pupils
  • Secretive behaviour and activities and increased telephone calls
  • Lying

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Air Quality/Importance of burning dry wood

Posted on : Feb. 4, 2015 Updated on : Feb. 4, 2015 in: Community .

Please scroll to the bottom of their site page for other agencies in different areas of Washington State

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Posted on : Dec. 20, 2014 Updated on : Dec. 20, 2014 in: Website .

The following information is for all areas and especially to those who live in rural areas with outside mail boxes and where parcels are left on front steps or porches. Make arrangements for a friend to retrieve your parcel upon delivery if you are going out from your residence for a few hours. Take precautions.


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Please visit our Face Book Page

Posted on : Sept. 23, 2014 Updated on : Sept. 23, 2014 in: Website .

Please visit our Face Book page at: https://www.facebook.com/kendallblockwatch

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9-1-1 How Calls Receive Priority

Posted on : Sept. 23, 2014 Updated on : Sept. 23, 2014 in: Tips, Website .

Critical - Immediate
Crime in progress, serious threat to life, for immediate response by the nearest police unit - regardless of current assignment. *Some examples are: Stabbing, Officer down, Armed robbery, Injured persons

First Priority
Prevention of Casualty - Probability of Apprehension
Criminal act in progress with a strong probability of apprehension or the prevention of a more serious crime.
* Some examples are: All alarms, Physical altercations, Injury accidents, Suspicious persons, Vehicle prowlers

Immediate Dispatch
Incidents where there is a threat of violence or injury, opportunity exists for police action to prevent a more serious situation. *
Some examples are: Physical disturbances, Verbal disputes ...

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Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms and Detectors

Posted on : Sept. 22, 2014 Updated on : Dec. 9, 2014 in: Tips .

Fall is a good time to check the batteries of your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms and detectors.

Every year 1,800 people die from carbon monoxide poisoning.

This odorless, tasteless and colorless gas produces symptoms that are similar to the flu, but without a fever and include:

  1. Dizziness
  2. Fatigue
  3. Headache
  4. Nausea
  5. and Irregular breathing

If you have any of these symptoms, go outside for a while. If your symptoms disappear while you are out, and then reappear when you go inside, you may have carbon monoxide poisoning.

Open doors and windows immediately, leave your home as quickly as possible ...

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Posted on : Sept. 19, 2014 Updated on : Sept. 23, 2014 in: Tips, Website .

Take note of the following characteristics, so you can report to 9-1-1 and make documentation of your own to keep.

Race or Ethnicity
Age (approximate

Complexion - light, dark, ruddy, etc.
Eye Color (if possible)
Hair - color, length, thick, thin, balding, full, facial hair, etc.

Height - estimate in two inch blocks, 5' 8" - 5" 10"
Weight - estimate in blocks of 20 pounds, 180-200 lbs.
Build - large, medium, small, stocky, thin, etc.

Distinguishing Features - tattoos, scars, eyeglasses, teeth, jewelry, etc.

Clothing - type, color, style, (start at the top and work down).
Direction of Travel

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Put Safety First Before Opening a Window

Posted on : July 16, 2014 Updated on : July 16, 2014 in: Tips .

Make sure your family is safe:

As temperatures go up, so do windows in many homes. Opening windows in your home to enjoy the warmer temperatures may seem harmless, but open windows have proven to be sources of injury and death for young children.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) joined the National Safety Council in urging parents and caregivers to be aware of the dangers of leaving windows open when young children are present.

According to CPSC data falls from windows result in an average of about eight deaths yearly to children five years or younger, while ...

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