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The Mission of KendallWatch is to promote a clean, safe and strong community and to bring factual information to residents regarding topics or events that impact our area. KendallWatch is a not for profit Community Action Organization and Block Watch.

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Children and Weapons - Signs to LOOK for - Part 1

Posted on : Sept. 3, 2017 Updated on : Sept. 3, 2017 in: Tips .

Tips you can use in regard to youth and weapons

The overwhelming majority of schools are safe, but tragic events have caused both parents and children extreme and legitimate worry.  We know it takes everyone to create safer schools -- parents, school administrators, law enforcement, and others play an important role as well.

As a parent it is important to recognize the signs of a child's potential involvement with violence (or drug use or other crime).  No one sign should be reason for alarm.  Multiple indicators suggest increased potential risk of a student getting into trouble.  These behaviors often appear ...

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Posted on : Sept. 3, 2017 Updated on : Sept. 3, 2017 in: Tips, Website .

Take note of the following characteristics, so you can report to 9-1-1 and make documentation of your own to keep.

Race or Ethnicity
Age (approximate

Complexion - light, dark, ruddy, etc.
Eye Color (if possible)
Hair - color, length, thick, thin, balding, full, facial hair, etc.

Height - estimate in two inch blocks, 5' 8" - 5" 10"
Weight - estimate in blocks of 20 pounds, 180-200 lbs.
Build - large, medium, small, stocky, thin, etc.

Distinguishing Features - tattoos, scars, eyeglasses, teeth, jewelry, etc.

Clothing - type, color, style, (start at the top and work down).
Direction of Travel

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Posted on : Sept. 3, 2017 Updated on : Sept. 3, 2017 in: Website .

We are pleased to welcome Deputy Mark Jilk who serves the Glacier and Baker Lake areas.

Please call 911 if you should have an emergency.

E-mail your questions and tips regarding these areas to:

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What are the Block Watch objectives?

Posted on : Sept. 3, 2017 Updated on : Sept. 3, 2017 in: FAQ, Website .

To reduce the incidence of crime by:

  • Increasing citizen's awareness of neighborhood crime through a continuing information process.
  • Teaching citizens the means to more effective property security.
  • Assisting citizens in the development of a neighborhood action program where mutual aid is the key.
  • Educating citizen's so they will recognize and report suspicious activity in their community.
  • Encouraging an effective working relationship between law enforcement and the organized community.

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Posted on : Sept. 3, 2017 Updated on : Sept. 3, 2017 in: Website .

Please call 911 for Emergencies

Neighborhood Deputy J. Loreen can be reached at 360-778-6753
E-mail address:

Please note that Deputy Loreen covers the Columbia Valley. 
(Kendall, the Paradise Lakes Community, the Peaceful Valley Community and Campers Paradise) and including Maple Falls.

You will find the contact numbers under Important Numbers


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When to call 9-1-1

Posted on : April 30, 2017 Updated on : April 30, 2017 in: Tips, Website .

If you need immediate police, fire or medical response, call 9-1-1.

If you have witnessed suspicious/illegal activity, are concerned for the well being of yourself or another, or need to report a crime, call 9-1-1

9-1-1 Operators are not law enforcement officers, they are trained to:

  1. Determine the priority of the call.
  2. Obtain the information necessary to assure that responding officers are prepared.

Remember, there is no charge for 9-1-1.

If an incident you report is part of an on-going problem, and the activity keeps on occurring, keep on reporting it. If the pattern changes, report that change. Any ...

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Question: How long does it take to secure your load?

Posted on : April 12, 2017 Updated on : April 12, 2017 in: Tips, Website .

Answer: A few seconds more than it takes to destroy someone's life.


  1. IT SAVES LIVES:  Across North America, road litter, either dumped on purpose by motorists or accidental fall-outs from unsecured loads, causes 25,000 accidents every year, nearly 100 of them fatal. Road litter poses a serious hazard here in Washington too. On average, there are 350 accidents involving road debris on state highways each year.  Source: The Washington State Deparment of Transportation.
  2. IT IS THE LAW:  No vehicle shall be driven or moved on any public highway unless such vehicle is ...

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Personal Property Inventory

Posted on : April 12, 2017 Updated on : April 12, 2017 in: Community, Deputy, Deputy's Page, Website .

Every year the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office investigates hundreds of Burglaries and Thefts. Only a small percentage of the stolen property is recovered and returned to the owner. One of the main reasons property isn’t returned is the lack of documentation. Property is recovered, but there is no way to match it with the owner. The unclaimed property goes into evidence, and eventually to auction.

When an item is stolen the information goes into a police report. Generally the more specific details about the item, the more likely it will be recovered and returned to the rightful owner ...

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Important tips for: Home Safety

Posted on : April 12, 2017 Updated on : April 12, 2017 in: Deputy's Page, Website .

Every year several thousand people are killed in their own homes due to accidents. A majority of those accidents are preventable. As the temperature continues to drop the use of heating sources increases. The National Fire Protection Association statistics show an average of 366,600 house fires each year. Seven people die each day in U.S. home fires, on average. The most vulnerable group is older adults. 25 percent of the home fire deaths resulted from fires that originated in the bedroom, another 24 percent from fires in the family room, living room, or den, and 16 percent from ...

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Posted on : April 12, 2017 Updated on : April 12, 2017 in: Website .

The following information is for all areas and especially to those who live in rural areas with outside mail boxes and where parcels are left on front steps or porches. Make arrangements for a friend to retrieve your parcel upon delivery if you are going out from your residence for a few hours. Take precautions.


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Good advice to follow when making a purchase: Don’t let anyone talk faster than you can think.