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The Mission of KendallWatch is to promote a clean, safe and strong community and to bring factual information to residents regarding topics or events that impact our area. KendallWatch is a not for profit Community Action Organization and Block Watch.

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Posted on : Feb. 6, 2016 Updated on : Feb. 6, 2016 in: Website .

Please call 911 for Emergencies

Neighborhood Deputy J. Loreen can be reached at 360-778-6753
E-mail address:

Please note that Deputy Loreen covers the Columbia Valley. 
(Kendall, the Paradise Lakes Community, the Peaceful Valley Community and Campers Paradise) and including Maple Falls.

You will find the contact numbers under Important Numbers


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Posted on : Jan. 30, 2016 Updated on : Jan. 30, 2016 in: Website .

The full trail proposal is to extend the trail ... Limestone Road through Christ the King Church property to South Pass. Then the entire length of the trail would ultimately go from the roundabout to Kendall Elementary on up to South Pass via the East Whatcom Regional Resource Center.

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Posted on : Jan. 30, 2016 Updated on : Jan. 30, 2016 in: Website .

Please e-mail your support for funding of the trails.
"Working together WE CAN make a difference and make change".
Thanks from ... KendallWatch

Due to the recent death of the 14 year old boy on Kendall Road, the board of KCVCPA is engaged in an email and paper letter campaign to persuade this committee to give approval of our application for the funds for engineering for the trail. According to Rep. Van Werven, they will be starting the decision process on Feb. 6th, 2016.
It is recommended that the paper letter be sent right away followed by the email to each ...

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Upcoming KendallWatch MEETING SCHEDULES

Posted on : Aug. 24, 2015 Updated on : Jan. 30, 2016 in: Website .

February  8th
March    14th
April       11th
May         9th

These dates could be subject to change so please check back to this page.
If a Emergency should arise and we require a additional meeting you will find it here

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Posted on : May 13, 2015 Updated on : Jan. 30, 2016 in: Website .

For information on this exciting design workshop please go to this link

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Baker Emergency Resource Team

Posted on : April 10, 2015 Updated on : Jan. 30, 2016 .

New link added
Please go to Web Links and click on Community for further information.

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Posted on : April 6, 2015 Updated on : April 6, 2015 in: Website .

The main jail was originally built to hold 148 offenders.  With some limited remodeling, the operational capacity of the main jail should be 212. 
The absolute capacity of the Work Center is 150 beds.  Approximately 70 beds are reserved for full custody, lower security offenders;  the balance are used by work crew and work release offenders.  Due to security and classification issues, offenders who are full custody must remain separate from offenders who are in and out of the facility.

For Monday, April 6th, 2015

There are a total of 381 offenders under supervision

  • 244  are housed in the main ...

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Posted on : March 13, 2015 Updated on : March 13, 2015 in: Website .

New Link added:

Drug Abuse


Description: Addiction Center is a very informative website about all kinds of drug and addictions. Browse through valuable recovery and prevention information and learn how to regain control of your life.


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9-1-1 Wireless Phone Calls in the Wilderness

Posted on : Feb. 23, 2015 Updated on : Dec. 1, 2015 in: Tips, Website .

Who Will I Reach?

  1. You need to know that wireless phone service may not be available in the wilderness.
  2. If service is available, your 9-1-1 call for help will be picked up by the nearest cellular tower in the most direct line of sight to your location. It could be picked up at a county 9-1-1 center, by State Patrol dispatch, or even by the Canadian authorities. Since these call answering centers are all located outside the boundaries of the calling area, they would have no way of knowing from where you are calling unless you tell them.
  3. Be prepared ...

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Signs of long term drug use

Posted on : Feb. 4, 2015 Updated on : April 14, 2015 in: Drug Education .

Here are some signs of long term drug use:

  • Falling grades and lack of investment or interest in previously enjoyed activities.
  • Different circle of friends
  • Abundant, unfocused energy
  • Verbal and physical violent rages
  • Weight loss and tooth decay
  • Inability to sleep: dark circles around the eyes
  • Depression and apathy
  • Irritability and aggression
  •  Increased blood pressure and heart rate
  • Skin ulcerations and infections
  • Unusual "chemical" smell on clothes and body

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